Title Evidence

Increase your capacity by partnering with RecordsOnline.

RecordsOnline provides fast, accurate and reliable Title Evidence and Title Commitments for residential lot and block properties, commercial properties, and acreage properties. If you are a title agent looking to outsource 100% of your title search and examination, or simply looking for some additional capacity, outsourcing to RecordsOnline will help you grow your business.

Fast Turn Times

At RecordsOnline, we are committed to delivering your commitment with the fastest turn time in the industry. Currently, our residential lot and block orders are delivered in three days or less, with commercial and acreage projects not far behind. Get your deal done faster and keep everyone in the transaction happy. Because we all know what happy customers do…

Quality Assurance

Quite simply, RecordsOnline has built a better search engine. It is more flexible, robust and efficient than what our competition offers (or what we had previously).

In addition, our plant records are constantly being cleaned and updated. We deploy OCR/AI technology and monitor each county constantly to ensure the accuracy and quality of our plants.

Efficient and Reliable Reports

RecordsOnline’s historic plants are fully integrated with current plants, so examiners are not distracted by having to search multiple databases. That means no retyping and no merging of runsheets; searches are delivered in one seamless report straight from our platform!

After your title search is complete, your file – all files – are examined by an attorney who practices real estate law on a daily basis.

You are in Charge

We want you to know that when your commitment arrives, it will be complete and in the standard language you prefer. This means minimal rewrites and minimal rework: it will look familiar and understandable.

We offer title agents another choice in where you source your title evidence business. Choice means flexibility in how you run your business. Choice means you choose who writes your policy.

We integrate with your order entry and production software. Currently, we integrate with Resware, Qualia, SoftPro, RamQuest and ClosingSite.

Expand Your Business Footprint

RecordsOnline can build a plant in a county you don’t currently serve, or back-build a plant where you’re lacking historic records. Additional fees apply.

If you prefer to subscribe to a particular county or counties, we offer this service as well. Our platform integrates historic and current records, so your work and your reports are seamless.

NotarizeOnline| Out-of-Office Closings

RecordsOnline Title Search and Closing Services offers remote closings under both RON and RIN guidelines. Our Founder, Attorney Celia Flowers, was an early adopter of this technology and since 2018 has been a keynote speaker or panelist for ALTA, TLTA and other professional organizations sharing her experience and insight with other title companies. Your remote closing is safe and secure with RecordsOnline and NotarizeOnline.

Expand Your Service Offerings

We allow agents to grant realtor and lender clients direct access to the RecordsOnline database. This enables them to address impending issues early on and easily qualify the transaction’s potential success. These non-policy searches uncover issues such as property liens, tax liens, foreclosures, multiple loans or lawsuits that need to be addressed earlier rather than later. What better way to deliver value to your lender and real estate clients?

Other Services Offered (Fees Apply)

  • Tax Certificates – RecordsOnline prepares a detailed tax report on the subject property after gathering information from the assessor/county offices by calling, faxing, or mailing.
  • Lien Release – RecordsOnline follows up and obtains the lien release certificate/letters of indemnity from all relevant parties and supports in recording these releases.
  • Title Policies – RecordsOnline reviews title commitments and prepares the final title policies on client’s application or on an offline template.
  • Property Report – RecordsOnline prepares title reports and Nothing Further Certificates based title searches for current owner/previous owner/full title requirements, last deeds, open liens, other encumbrances, and current taxes.
  • Survey Review – RecordsOnline will review the survey and prepare a report on any changes that need to be addressed.
  • Legal and Document Services

Subscriptions and Pricing

For pricing and information on customized services, please contact us.

Special rates are available for large, long-term projects, as well as for clients who use affiliated companies.