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Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s a matter of public record!” and wondered: if something is so public, why doesn’t everyone know about it? Why can’t I find it? Where would I even start? You see, while certain matters are indeed public, they are often not easily accessible, they require travel to research, and they require specific expertise to locate. That is, until now!

Introducing RecordsOnline, a single platform that offers 24/7 access to courthouse records in an ever-expanding number of counties. Built from the ground up by a team of industry veterans who use it every day, RecordsOnline is a robust platform that is feature-rich, flexible, and easy to use! Our powerful search options allow novice users to quickly find the proverbial needle in a haystack as proficiently as 30-year veterans.

Precision Search | Proactive Notifications

Software & Features


Multi-Party Indexing

Unlike our competitors, our records are systematically indexed to include ALL grantor/grantee names on multi-party instruments, even when the county clerk’s records do not. Our granular indexing means your searches can be more specific; you don’t waste time scanning through irrelevant documents!


Concurrent Multi-County Searches

Users can search multiple counties at once, a huge time-saver when you are dealing with individuals or companies who have regional interests or have moved around a lot.

Multi-Property Geographic Searches

RecordsOnline provides geographic indexing of ALL tracts in an instrument, even when the county clerk’s records do not. Users can search by Lot & Block OR Abstract, Lot & Block AND Abstract, or any combination thereof. Users do not pay extra for this service.

Flexible & Robust Search Engine

Our robust and flexible search options allow you to cast a wide net or narrow down to very specific items. Users can search multiple properties and multiple parties at once, in more than one county.


Cohesive Interface/Output

No more toggling between platforms: We offer the same front end/user interface for historic back plants and current records.



Users can take notes and edit runsheets or title notes in-app, online. You save money by eliminating redundant typing or data entry.

Easy Collaboration & Tracking

RecordsOnline helps project managers stay on-budget with a collaboration tool that streamlines processes, saving time and money.



RecordsOnline offers a patented notification system. Our results are very specific, so you dont have to weed through lots of irrelevant false positive notification records to find what you need. Patent No. US11023450.


Automated Billing System

The RecordsOnline billing system was created with all known potential industries in mind. As such, it is a powerful tool in tracking large projects down to the individual user, session, and click level.

Reliable Records

In all licensed counties, the Texas Department of Insurance requires us to update our records every two weeks, so users can be confident they are getting the latest information. We raise the bar with our internal quality control metrics, driven by OCR and AI technology. 

Coming Soon

Mobile App

Coming soon! Our mobile app allows you to do quick searches and includes the basic features of the software.


Features marked “exclusive” are unique to the RecordsOnline software.

Subscriptions and Pricing

We offer customized pricing based on your industry and level of service, so that you only pay for the counties, features, services you actually need.

Contact us today to discuss what you need and get pricing information.

Special rates are available for large, long-term projects, as well as for clients who use affiliated companies.