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Run land and mineral title in stealth mode.

Updated in 2018 with an entirely new interface, RecordsOnline offers much more than remote access that simply mirrors online courthouse records.                Our software is easier than ever to navigate, provides flexible pricing and subscription options, allows you to collaborate with team members, and archive your work indefinitely. Many of our counties go back to sovereignty.

Multi-County Access

If your prospect covers more than one county, you can search parties in one, two, or more counties all at the same time.

We know what it’s like when common title straddles county lines and we’ve made it easier to capture all duplicate filings plus make sure you capture all records related to your grantors, grantees and property. You can also check probate records, affidavits of heirship, divorces and other records in multiple counties at once.

Multi-Party/Multi-Property Indexing

Say goodbye to “See Instrument”, spending hours or days scouring irrelevant documents, trying to find those “needle in a haystack” instruments that actually pertain to your property! Unlike our competitors, RecordsOnline indexes the names of ALL grantors/grantees on multi-party instruments and ALL properties on multi-property instruments!  You can search by individual name, individual property, multiple parties or multiple tracts, and/or by any combination of parties and properties at once. Imagine how much time you’ll save in areas saturated with drilling activity and production!

Take Notes and Collaborate

RecordsOnline allows you to take notes directly on your runsheets within the program. That means no more handwriting or duplicate typing into spreadsheets or other programs! And we make it easy to hand off your work, from lease check to mineral title to runsheets (with notes!) and curative.

Integrated Historic Records

Unlike our competitors, with RecordsOnline, you use the same interface and database on current courthouse records and older records. Runsheets and reports are also made seamlessly. Most, if not all of our competitors force you to use different interfaces with no integration, making you duplicate work before you submit to your clients. This is just one of the features that make our runsheet program stand out above all others.

Laser-Focused Notifications

RecordsOnline’s new patented notification system is hands-down the best in the industry. You can flag people or properties across any or all our counties and receive immediate notification of any new Instruments that are filed. You can tailor notifications to your needs, down to the instrument type. And just in case you missed it, you can request the same type of notifications in multiple counties at once! Our search-monitor-notify process is so unique, it’s protected by Patent No. US11023450!

Customized Sorting and Printing

RecordsOnline puts you in charge by allowing you to customize print options for runsheets and instruments. Users can select specific instruments for runsheet reports so you deliver precise information to your clients. You also have the option to select specific instrument pages for printing. This is a huge time saver when dealing with assignments and other oil & gas transfer instruments.  

Tax Certificates and Legal Services

Through our affiliated companies, we offer title opinions, title curative, title searches, ongoing legal support, document preparation, last-minute tax certificates and more! All you have to do is let us know what you need, and your account manager will coordinate any or all of these services for you. Professional services incur a separate fee and special pricing is available for bundled services.

Mobile App

RecordsOnline mobile version works great for quick searches and finding docs quickly. But it will soon be even better! Stay tuned for the launch of a new mobile app that will make checking records on the go even easier!

Subscriptions and Pricing

For pricing and information on customized services, please contact us.

Special rates are available for large, long-term projects, as well as for clients who use affiliated companies.