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Continually evolving to meet our clients’ needs.

A Bit of Our History

Historically, title research has been conducted the same way since the beginning of land records: by checking indices in the courthouse or using abstract plant card catalogs. That started changing in the early 2000’s when county courthouses started putting their recording information online. Soon they were back-building their records, typically to the 1970’s or so (some go back much further). This gave rise to third-party subscription platforms that inserted a front-end interface and offered records from multiple counties from the same website. The initial iteration of RecordsOnline, launched in 2008, was one of these offerings. Our platform was originally used as an internal tool for our experienced title professionals, and we offered it as a subscription service to the title and oil and gas industries.

In the ensuing years, RecordsOnline continued to expand our reach to counties with significant oil and gas activity. Unlike most of our competitors, who simply put their own interface on raw courthouse records, RecordsOnline has consistently “scrubbed” the data before loading it, ensuring our users get the cleanest, most accurate searches available. Part of our scrubbing process includes indexing all parties involved in a transaction and indexing all property descriptions.

After a decade on the original platform, our leadership team decided to build a better mousetrap. RecordsOnline was completely reimagined, redesigned, redeveloped and rebuilt beginning in 2017 by a team of industry veterans to our exact specifications. It has evolved into a robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool which offers 24/7 access to courthouse records. We use the platform daily, so we know from experience that we’ve created an entirely new tool that streamlines processes and creates operational efficiencies.

RecordsOnline initially offered services in 14 counties; as of summer 2022, we have expanded the number of licensed counties to 66, with plans to expand into additional Texas counties and other states. Licensed title companies are audited by the Texas Department of Insurance for accuracy and are required to provide records within two weeks of filing with the county clerk’s office.

RecordsOnline is feature-rich and flexible, allowing title agents, underwriters, oil and gas companies, surveyors, attorneys and others to access as little or much as they need. Anyone with a computer, tablet or cell phone and internet service can access our database. The true power of RecordsOnline is we are not content to sit on our laurels. We use the platform daily, and are constantly improving the functionality of the platform and our service offerings to clients. We’ve developed an OCR/AI tool that improves the accuracy of our indexing which impacts your search results. We are constantly back-building historical plants and adding counties. And we offer the industry’s only patented Notification System.

Adding even more power to RecordsOnline are our affiliated companies who provide a full menu of complementary services to our clients.

• East Texas Tax & Land Services
• Flowers Davis PLLC
• RecordsOnline Title Search and Closing Services

We also offer NotarizeOnline, a contactless closing and notarization service, under Remote Online Notarization (RON) and Remote Ink-Signed Notarization (RIN) guidelines.


Virtual Patent Marking

RecordsOnline provides a computer-based method of searching for, monitoring for, tracking, and automatic reporting of title plant filed documents relating to user’s selection parameters within a client’s area of business. This process involves standardizing and categorizing the data to easily query the title plant records relatable to the standardized property owner data, continually updating the title plant data with newly filed pertinent documents, and notifying the client if a newly filed pertinent document is detected. The search parameters and type of documents monitored are selected by the user. The database is updated frequently (daily if possible) to provide the most accurate search results. Automatic notification of a newly filed selectively identified document is sent to the user in real time.

The following U.S. patent applies to RecordsOnline’s method of searching, monitoring and reporting on search results: US Patent Number US11023450.

This section is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act and provide notice under 35 U.S.C. §287 (a).