Minimize risk and improve operations with RecordsOnline Title Evidence and Title Plant Subscription services.

RecordsOnline offers services to the title industry that minimize your risk and improve operational efficiencies. Our intuitive platform integrates with your production software and allows you the flexibility to outsource 100% of your title evidence needs all the time, outsource your overflow files part of the time, or subscribe to our title plant in counties where you don’t have plants. To view our services, select from the options below.  

Title Evidence

Select this level of service if you want to outsource:

  • Part of your search and examination work all the time. Your internal resources can cover a certain number of files or certain counties and you outsource the rest.
  • Part of your search and examination work some of the time. You need help with overflow during peak seasons.
  • 100% of your search and examination work in certain counties because you don’t have a plant or examiners.

Title Plant Subscription

Select this level of service if:

  • You have your own examiners but do not have plants.
  • You have plants in come counties but wish to expand your footprint without investing in additional plants.




Hybrid Solutions

Many title agents will desire a combination of the above two options. If you fall into this category, please contact us so we can create a custom solution for you.